8 Juicy Facts About Your Favorite Superheroes

8 Juicy Facts About Your Favorite Superheroes

Are you missing the big superhero movie releases in time for the summer? Satisfy your cravings with this juicy trivia that reveals more about favorite characters.

1. Bruce Wayne is inspired by real life.

At least the name. Batman’s real name was inspired by Scottish national hero Robert the Bruce, and Mad Anthony Wayne, a hero of the American Revolution.

2. Spiderman was almost a fly.

Legendary comic book creator Stan Lee was fascinated by the movements of a winged insect crawling along the Marvel HQ wall. Spying on the bug inspired him to give his next superhero the ability to crawl and stick to vertical surfaces.

3. Wonder Woman used to be a romance novel writer.

In the latest Wonder Woman movies, Diana Prince works at the Louvre in France. But she took on many jobs before that including positions as a romance novel writer, fast-food employee, singer, and spy.

4. Kryptonite became Superman’s weakness because his voice actor went on vacation.

In 1943, the voice actor playing Superman in the radio show The Adventures of Superman needed a vacation. To keep production going, they hired a stand-in whose job is to moan in pain until the original actor returned!

5. Does Super American appeal to you?

In the 1940s, Marvel created a shield-wielding superhero in response to World War II and he was called Super American. The name did not stick though, as the creators felt there were too many ‘super’ superheroes. The result? The introduction of Captain America to the world.

6. The Iron Man suit is super.

Tony stark designed the Iron Man suit to have everything a superhero can possibly need in saving the world. It can originally lift 100 tons. But after adding the Hulkbuster armor, the suit can lift an impressive 175 tons.

7. Thor did the impossible!

Weighing 640 lbs and standing at 6’6, Thor is literally a God. It is no wonder he was able to achieve the impossible – to put a dent on Captain America’s indestructible shield using the Mjolnir.

8. Some birth certificate material for you.

Did you know that many of your favorite superheroes have middle names? Take notes: Peter Benjamin Parker, Anthony Edward Stark, Robert Bruce Banner, Matthew Michael Murdock, and Peter Jason Quill.