7 Ancient Trivia That are not Really Old

7 Ancient Trivia That are not Really Old

The perception of time is a funny thing: what lasts a few minutes can seem like ages and vice versa. The history facts below are the perfect example. Looking back, they may seem like a lifetime ago, but not really!

1. The last American Civil War widow died just 12 years ago.

Her name was Maudie Hopkins and she married William Cantrell, a man who fought for the Confederacy. She lived up to 93 years old and died in 2008.

2. The Roman Empire still existed when the first printing press was invented.

Johannes Gutenberg started working on the printing press in the late 1430s and completed his device in 1440. Meanwhile, the Roman Empire was not dissolved until 1453 upon the conquering of Constantinople by the Ottoman Empire.

3. The 10th President of the United States has living grandchildren.

John Tyler was born in 1790 and was inaugurated as president in 1841. He had children late in life with his second wife, including Lyon Tyler who was born in 1853. Two of his sons, Lyon Tyler Jr. and Harrison Tyler, are still alive today.

4. The first Star Wars movie is already in the screens when the last criminal execution by guillotine in France happened. 

On September 10, 1977, Hamida Djandoubi was executed by the guillotine in France for killing his girlfriend. At this time, Star Wars: Episode IV had been playing on the screens for three and a half months already.

5. The New York Times predicted the first flight would not happen for at least a million years.

In 1903, The New York Times remarked in an editorial that flying machines will only be possible in a million to 10 years. Fast forward to December that same year and the Wright Brothers launched their first successful flight in Kitty Hawk, North Carolina!

6. Oxford University has been around longer than the Aztecs.

The oldest English university has been teaching since 1096. Tenochtitlan, the heart of the Aztec Empire was only founded in 1325.

7. Wooly mammoths still existed when the Great Pyramids of Giza were being built.

You might think wooly mammoths are as ancient as dinosaurs, but the last of the mammoths did not go completely extinct until around 2000 BC. Construction for the Great Pyramids of Giza had started hundreds of years before that in 2580 BC!