6 Hidden Treasures Rumored to be in the United States

6 Hidden Treasures Rumored to be in the United States

Do you feel like going out for some treasure hunting? You do not have to go to remote islands. Rumors have it that these hidden treasures await discovery just around the United States!

1. The old Ozark treasure cave

In northwest Arkansas, rumor has it that the Spanish conquistadors buried treasure in a cave when they were fleeing the Native Americans over 350 years ago. Artifacts have been found but the treasure is still out there.

2. Blackbeard’s loot

From 1716 to 1718, the famous pirate Blackbeard attacked ships carrying gold, silver, and other treasures sailing for Spain. He never divulged his secret location until his execution in 1718. Treasure hunters are looking everywhere, from  Virginia’s Chesapeake Bay to the Caribbean and Cayman Islands.

3. Forest Fenn’s $5 million chest

Forest Fenn allegedly hid about $5 million worth of gold, jewelry, and artifacts in a small bronze chest somewhere in the Rocky Mountains. The clues are hidden in the poem The Thrill of the Chase. Thousands have sought after the treasure and many have died from trying.

4. Ted Binion’s silver

Ted Binion has been dead for decades but his silver collection worth millions of dollars remains to be found. It is said that the treasure is buried somewhere on the property of his Pahrump, Nevada ranch.

5. Mosby’s sack

In 1863, Confederate ranger John Singleton Mosby and his band of guerrilla raiders captured over 40 Union troops at the Fairfax, Virginia Courthouse. It was reported that Mosby left with a burlap sack filled with gold, silver, jewelry, candlesticks, and family heirlooms taken from homes of local plantation owners. As Mosby returned to the Confederate lines, Union soldiers were near, so he had to bury the sack between two trees marked with his knife. It has yet to be retrieved to this day.

6. Cavendish’s treasure

Captain Thomas Cavendish was an English privateer who lived in the 16th century. According to legend, he buried over $5 million in silver and gold along the Palemano Point in Hawaii. Modern-day explorers tried to find it but all have failed to locate the hidden treasure.