14 Smashing Trivia on Drums

14 Smashing Trivia on Drums

When there is a drum set there is always a party. Your neighbor may have just discovered it but it is one of the oldest instruments known to mankind. Here are 14 more trivia that will get you more curious about drums.

1. Drumming is the oldest musical activity. First, they were natural objects to hit, but later they became instruments made with membranes from animal skins.

2. The Alligator Drum from Neolithic China is the oldest drum ever discovered. It was made from clay and alligator hides bounded together by a kind of durable string. Experts believed it was used for sacred ritual ceremonies as early as 5500 BC.

3. A drummer must use all four limbs to play the drums. To be successful, he or she must have limb independence, eye-hand coordination, and a good sense of rhythm.

4. People in Africa and India have used drums for ages for long-range communication between villages.

5. The first medieval drum kits were created in the 1700s after the drums became the foundation of the rhythm section of large orchestras. It goes without saying that the drums are the most important part of any band’s rhythm section.

6. In the early 20th century, the drum sets took their modern configuration. Earlier, multiple people controlled drums in orchestras.

7. In the 1930s, the modern shape of the drum kit was formed. The average drum has five pieces: the bass, snare, two toms, and the floor tom. Several cymbals can also be attached.

8. Drums can be classified as Acoustic, Electric, and World drums.

9. Drums were extensively used in the military to send coded messages to soldiers. They played a very important role in medieval and Renaissance Europe.

10. The brushes that create the softer drum sound were introduced in the 1920s.

11. Singers and composers usually make a band famous, but this is also true for the style of their drummers.

12. Ludwig is a famous drum manufacturer, but their claim to fame is their first product, which is not a drum but the foot pedal for tarp drums!

13. Drumming burns more calories than 30 minutes of weight lifting, hiking, or cycling. It also lowers stress hormones in the body.

14. A full-time minister invented the largest drum set. It is a collection of a wide variety of drums, cymbals, and other equipment with almost over 50 different kinds of make and model. This set is stored and transported in a custom 18-wheel tractor-trailer. Four people are needed to assemble it and it takes 15 hours to set up.